Recover Quicker with Proleeva

Recover Quicker with Proleeva

Tiki Barber Finds Relief from Aches and pain with Proleeva

Tiki Barber excelled in college football and performed at the highest level of professional football for ten years as an NFL running back.

He has experienced his fair share of aches and pains during his football career. But he has continued to experience chronic pain after retirement. He recently discovered Proleeva and is stoked to share his story with us. He describes Proleeva as a “game-changer”, one that has helped him bounce back and recover quickly.

Check out his video below!

How Does Proleeva help RELIEVE CHRONIC PAIN FOR AthLetes?

Proleeva works to ensure that you have a healthy level of amino acids in your body, restoring and stimulating neurotransmitters that are used to control pain.

This unique formulation is designed to treat dietary deficiencies and results in long-term recovery & alleviation rather than just masking the pain.

Perform at your highest level with Proleeva

Relieve pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and tendonitis with Proleeva.