Proleeva Founder Fabio & Wife Maria

The story of Proleeva is a personal one for Lanfam LLC founders Fabio Lanzieri and Rob Perillo. Fabio originally developed Proleeva for his wife, Maria, when she started experiencing chronic pain as a side effect of her breast cancer treatment.

Seeing his wife in pain, Fabio set out to develop a natural medical food product designed to address the body’s specific dietary requirements, using his 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Within a few short months of using Proleeva, Maria’s pain slowly began to subside. After four years of taking Proleeva daily, Maria remains pain-free.

After the success Fabio saw with his wife, he decided to share Proleeva with friends and family, and eventually, each person began to feel relief from their chronic conditions.

Proleeva Founder Fabio Lanzieri
Proleeva Founder Rob Perillo
Fabio and Maria’s longtime friend Rob Perillo has always had a passion for healthcare, wellness, and helping others. With a 30-year career in marketing and advertising and a shared vision of what the company could potentially be, Rob knew they had to bring Proleeva to market to help people find relief.
Rob and Fabio now work together in Florida using their wide range of experience and skillsets to inform others about the science behind medical food and how Proleeva’s natural ingredients can help provide long-term relief to those with pain from chronic conditions or life altering injuries.