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What is the Difference between Proleeva™ and Dietary Supplements?

Dietary supplements are primarily intended to support the well-being of healthy adults, whereas Proleeva™ is formulated for the dietary management of disease states.

Here are a just few differences:

  • Proleeva™ can make medical claims.
  • Proleeva™ is for specific disease states and patient populations.
  • Proleeva™ and dietary supplements have separate FDA regulatory classifications.

Are there any Side Effects?

There have been numerous clinical trials using these supplements and there have been no reports of any serious side effects, even in much higher doses than we are using in Proleeva™.

Can I take Proleeva with my Current Medications?

Yes. As a matter of fact, we encourage for Proleeva™ to be an adjunct to your existing therapy. Over time, your Medical Practitioner will assess and evaluate the continuing need for medications. Proleeva™ can and may reduce your need for prescription medication. Numerous case studies have proven you can take the ingredients in Proleeva™ without negative effects to prescription medications. However, you should always check with a health care professional before taking Proleeva™.

How Safe are the Ingredients?

All ingredients in Proleeva™ are listed in the FDA Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Food Substances document.  Also, there have been numerous clinical trials using these supplements and there have been no reports of any negative side effects. In fact, in several clinical studies, far higher doses of these ingredients were used with no reported interactions or negative side effects.

How Long Does it Take for Proleeva to Work?

You just purchased Proleeva and want to experience the benefits of our natural ingredients as soon as possible. Unfortunately, nutrition is not that straightforward and is quite complex, making it difficult to estimate how long it may take until you feel noticeable effects.

Some vitamins and supplements may take 2-3 weeks, while in other cases, it may take up to 60 days to feel the full effect of natural products. However, this depends on a few factors, the quality of the supplement, the severity of the deficiency, and how the body uniquely absorbs these types of nutrients.

A more in-depth explanation of how these common factors play a crucial role in how quickly it takes for a natural supplement to take effect is listed below:

How Severe Is the Problem or Deficiency?

Think of nutrition as a reservoir. If the reservoir is empty, it’s going to take a long time to fill rather than if it was half full. If you have extremely low levels of an essential nutrient like Omega 3 or iron, it will take a while for the body to replenish these nutrients back to a healthy level. The same applies to the severity of certain conditions. For example, if you are suffering from severe chronic pain due to inflammation and have not addressed the problem until the pain is too much to bear, it will take much longer to correct than if you had addressed it sooner when you had first noticed the pain.

What Is Causing The Deficiency?

Another factor that affects the timeline speed of Proleeva is the cause of the deficiency or problem you are experiencing. It could be genetics, poor diet, or another underlying problem. Figuring out what caused these nutrient levels to deplete and how significant the deficiency is will help determine the length of time required before seeing results. For example, Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disease that slowly develops over time, so it will take time to replenish the nutrients needed to combat the root cause of the disease.

Quality of Supplements

Nutrition is complex and takes years of in-depth research, tests, and studies to develop products that are beneficial to the body without the addition of any harmful preservatives, fillers, or binders. High-quality supplements made by manufacturers formulate their products according to industry standards and use ingredients that have been purity tested and verified. Be sure to search for high-quality supplements made in a cGMP-approved facility recognized by the FDA and double-check product labels to make sure they are free of synthetic fillers and binders. Proleeva is manufactured in an FDA-approved cGMP facility with a high-quality active ingredient to deliver the best possible results.


Dosage is an important factor and impacts how long it takes a vitamin or supplement to work. Trying to replenish your nutrient levels with a microdose will take a long time before you see results, and with water-soluble vitamins, it will be hard to notice a difference in how quickly the body absorbs and uses the nutrients. Proleeva has the right ingredients at therapeutic doses without causing any adverse side effects, toxicity, or dependency.

Paired Ingredients

Many nutrients rely on other nutrients for absorption and effectiveness. For example, turmeric can only be fully absorbed when paired with Piperine, commonly known as black pepper. Formulas that contain ingredients that work together for absorption will work quicker and more effectively than those that don’t include the necessary active ingredients.
Proleeva is made with high-quality ingredients, paired correctly with the best dosage so it can achieve maximum benefits in the shortest time possible. Each body is different and has disease states at different stages and severities, so keep in mind that while Proleeva does start to work right away, it will take time to have noticeable desired effects. In some cases, results are seen in as little as 14 days, while others will start seeing results in 4 weeks or even 2 months. It truly depends on the quality of the supplement, the severity of the deficiency, and how the body uniquely absorbs these types of nutrients.

What is the Shelf Life of Proleeva?

Each bottle of Proleeva™ is stamped with an expiry date and lot number. From manufacture, PROLEEVA™ has 24 months dating.

What does the Medical Community Think about Proleeva?

All the ingredients in Proleeva™ have been tested and used for many years in trying to relieve the pain associated with inflammation. More and more doctors agree that supplementation shows beneficial results and are getting behind many of these products. A daily regimen of Proleeva™ supports the body to rapidly and effectively decrease or eliminate the symptoms of pain due to inflammation.
 Please check out our clinical studies page for complete assurance.

Where can I Purchase Proleeva?

Proleeva™ is available through our website, Amazon, and in most states, can be purchased through your doctor’s office. If you want to know if your doctor is carrying Proleeva™, simply send us his/her name, address, and telephone number to to confirm. We know you will enjoy!

Where is your Product Manufactured?

We proudly manufacture each bottle of Proleeva™ in the United States. We feel most comfortable to manufacture Proleeva™ in our country, which assures us of the highest standards of production. Furthermore, we are proud to say, “MADE IN USA”!

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